Stroll along the ridge road near Cassis

From La Ciotat to Cassis by the Crest Road, a breathtaking landscape, if you are prone to vertigo, I advise you ...

What a slap this panorama, and this Cliff! Cape Canaille has always made me dream. I love to stroll along these cliffs overlooking Cassis, a breathtaking view of beautiful sunsets. For me, this place represents all that I like in our region: The sea, the mountain and the sun. The colors are always bright, throughout the year, the landscapes evolve with the seasons, and I do not get tired.

Some unbreakable photos from the Cap Canaille, with a view of Cassis, the creeks of Marseille. In the distance you can see Port Miou in the mist, the cove of Méjean, and the island Plane, a little higher, the Maîre island in front of the calanque of Callelongue and Marseille behind the mountains of the national park of the creeks. To visit absolutely in any season. I advise you to avoid the days of Mistral, too dangerous ...

Do you want to discover these landscapes differently? I propose a guided tour with lots of photographic advice. I will share my passion for Provence, and I will share many spots to discover throughout your stay. All these places not to miss and to photograph.

Throughout the ballad, I will bring you individualized advice, I will be listening to your special requests to improve your shooting technique.

Localization : Cassis

Duration : 3h

Price : 250€

Cassis is a fisherman's port where Marseillais adore ate the weekend. Many restaurants offer typical dishes of the region, I recommend the aioli and bouillabaisse. Purists will tell you that it is tourist restaurants, surely, but it is not good to be a tourist for a weekend in the sun.

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